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S.C.F. Colorificio Ceramico

Ceramic Pigments and glazes for the ceramic industry

“Made in Italy” is much more than an indicator of excellent products. This concept is particularly evident in the ceramic sector where the inventiveness and creativity of Italian companies have contributed substantially to the development of this industry in terms of technological progress and quality improvement. SCF Colorificio Ceramico has maintained a strong presence in this sector for years, supporting and serving ceramic companies with innovative and quality products aimed at aesthetic improvement and process optimization.

Historical Evolution:

Founded in 2004 with the conferral of the “Ditta Fanciullacci” and continuing a family tradition of over 250 years in the sector, our company has begun a path of constant growth and today plays a leading role in the Italian panorama of producers of raw materials and colors for the ceramic industry. In order to intercept the opportunities deriving from the dimensional growth of the Asian markets, in 2007 our company set up a production site in China which today has 3 production plants and about 200 employees. During 2021, our company exports products all over the world and lands in India with the opening of a new subsidiary company that will distribute “SCF” products on the local market.


Our company pursues the goal of achieving excellence in the manufacturing of raw materials for the ceramic industry by turning its attention to the demands of the market that requires increasingly high-performance materials with a lower environmental impact. Our staff is dedicated daily to the development of new formulations or production techniques aimed at pursuing product and process efficiency.

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