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Glazes for tableware

SCF Colorificio Ceramico offers a wide range of glazes suitable for all types of tableware, from majolica to porcelain, for the decoration of products both on the biscuit and on the already vitrified piece.

Glazing of the raw or biscuit body:

the glazes for the raw or biscuit body are usually applied by dipping or spraying on the pressed ceramic piece before being fired in kilns with long firing cycles. These glazes represent the “dress” with which the ceramic product will be coated and are therefore very important for the enhancement of the product itself.

Glazing of the vitrified support:

with the advent of digital printing in the tableware sector, some companies have equipped themselves in order to be able to digitally decorate an already vitrified plate by means of a special primer (interlayer) to be applied on the vitrified body and then go to decorate it with digital printing . SCF Colorificio Ceramico offers a series of primers suitable for all types of substrates and firing cycles.


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